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All of Us

The community for estranged and care experienced students across the UK.
Find friends who get it and allies to organise with.

Everyone is welcome and you’re free to be your most authentic self. We don’t believe in judgement and kindness is a strength.

Everyone is an equal member of the community. We’re united by our flag; co-designed by estranged and care experienced students, the colours represent our diverse and dynamic community and are flanked by the symbol of equality.

Click here to download and print your own flag. You can also request free flag postcards online at https://bit.ly/AllofUsPostcards

We’re here for each other, to keep each other afloat in what can sometimes feel like testing times. We point each other in the right direction when we need help or information, and when we need to, we rise to the top to fight for what’s right for all of us.

We’re here for JOY and optimism; from having fun at the smallest of socials to working together to create a future that is bright.

All of Us online

Join us here in our cosy corner of the internet to make new connections, start conversations, share helpful information, arrange or find out about meet ups and more! Anyone who self-identifies as estranged or care experienced, in higher education in the UK can sign up. If you’re not sure if this is you, scroll down and see.

Students don't have to join All of Us online to be a part of the community, All of Us exists everywhere!

We’ll share meet ups and events happening across the country on our Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok profiles. Check to see what’s happening near you, if you can’t see anything, you could organise something yourself.

Find out more about how you can do that at AllofUs.uk

Anything you need?

Do you have any questions or suggestions for how you’d like to see our community shape up?

Ira at the Unite Foundation would love to hear from you.

Email [email protected].

Do you need stock, or a restock, of promo materials to help spread the word about All of Us – or to show your support for estranged and care experienced students across the UK? You can order free All of Us postcards here too.

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Is this the place for you?

Anyone who self-identifies as estranged and/or care experienced, in higher education in the UK can sign up to join us here.

The term care-experienced refers to anyone who has been or is currently in care or from a looked-after background at any stage in their life, no matter how short, including adopted children who were previously looked-after. 

Generally, estrangement means you have little or no contact with your parents (either biological or adoptive) and this is unlikely to change. In our community, we also welcome students who have no family contact due to bereavement e.g. your parents have passed away.

Supported by Unite Foundation

The Unite Foundation supports our All of Us community with funding and dedicated team members who work hand in hand with estranged and care experienced students across the UK, to help us all become better connected on and offline. Find out more here.